"Method of this work: literary montage. I have nothing to say only to show" --Walter Benjamin

Pomegranate[1] by Ori Gersht (Israel, b. 1967)

Pomegranate is a work by Ori Gersht which references both Juan Cotán's seventeenth-century still life painting Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber[2] and Harold Edgerton’s stroboscopic photograph Shooting the Apple[3]. A high velocity bullet flies across the frame in slow motion and obliterates a suspended pomegranate, bursting it open and wheeling it slowly into the air like a smashed violated mouth spraying seeds. A peaceful image is transformed into bloodshed, and a dialogue is established between stillness and motion, peace and violence.

Tip of the hat to Kunstwissenschaftlerin

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    Trabajo inspirado en uno de los bodegones de Sánchez Cotán
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